DES16 your new compact density measuring system

DES16 is a complete density metering solution. Designed to be used on systems for metering liquids other than water and certified for custody transfer, DES16 is a ready-made solution used to meet the most stringent demands of oil and petrochemical operations.

A ready-made custody transfer metering solution

DES16 is remarkably cost-effective because of its low flow rate (400 litres per hour) circulation loop resulting in more compact equipment.

Integrated temperature and pressure sensors and a continuous monitoring of the flow rate through the sampling loop by flow controller allow DES16 to produce extremely reliable and accurate measurements.

An adaptable metering solution

DES16 uses a vibrating tube densitometer.

Designed for high performances in industrial environments, its measuring accuracy in operating conditions is better than 0.1kg/m3 Thanks to its stainless steel tube, DES16 is compatible with most low density petroleum products such as LPG, butane and propane.

In the final phase of its transitional certification, DES16 is approved for use in all MID 0.3, 0.5 and 1.0 metering devices and is also available with an LNE evaluation certificate.

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