Innovation MECI

Monday, June 18, 2018
GRT Gaz Innovation Day Paris
MECI is invited on the GRT Gas Innovation Day to present its innovation in gas, oil 
and biomethane metering.
An innovative biomethane injection system dedicated to biogas processes.
MECI designs, manufactures and commissions complete solutions integrating the verification 
of the quality of the biomethane and the injection into the gas transmission or distribution network.
The complementarity of know-how between EES Clemessy and MECI made it possible to deliver in 2017
turnkey solutions (injection skids) to the main player in gas distribution in France, GRT Gaz.
In 2018 MECI develops the MGC16, a new generation of multi-component modular analyzer covering 
all the analyzes required for qualification, transactional measurement and odorization 
of biomethane: H2S, H2O, O2, N2, THT, TBM, C12, Wobbe, PCS, PCI, Relative Density etc.
This innovative system was crowned with the GRT Gaz Innovation Award.