First Hydrogen injection station GRDF

Monday, June 18, 2018
MECI puts into service the first hydrogen injection station on the GRDF gas distribution network.
The MECI regulatory service department has been contracted by GRDF to perform periodic inspections 
of GrDF volume conversion devices.

MECI and CLEMESSY won the project to build a metering and gas analysis system.
This hydrogen counting system consists of the following materials:
An air-conditioned, secure shelter equipped with natural gas piping, hydrogen for the 
constitution of the mixture,
Volumetric meters associated with flow and pressure regulators,
Analysers Natural Gas, H2, THT, H2S, and H2O,
MECI CDV15 gas volume conversion devices for transactional metering,
The entire station is equipped with a system of automation, supervision and remote reading.