MECI metering system made in France

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

In Issoudun (in Indre in central France) its teams research and develop new products and systems and the same goes for production. The CDV15, MECI’s flow computer and the flagship of the range, is manufactured at the company’s plant in Issoudun, as are almost all of their products.

All projects are managed on-site by a highly professional team for deployment in France, South Korea or Australia..
Founded in 1922 in Paris, the company developed its instrumentation business before specialising in gas metering in the 1970s.   
In light of market demand, in the 1990s MECI expanded its expertise to liquid metering.
Today a specialist in custody transfer and fiscal metering systems for liquids and energy, MECI is a leader on its markets. The company designs and manufactures electronic computers as well as the associated maintenance and operational software.
Through its expertise and collaboration with key market professionals, at Issoudun MECI manages and implements turnkey solutions integrating high-performance metering systems with analysis, calorimetry, remote operations and supervision.
Today MECI still exerts its influence in the metering world from its plant in Issoudun, France.