Renovating all custody transfer metering units

Metering units renovation extends the service life of the existing installation while improving performance levels relating to production developments and providing a response to new regulation requirements. The comprehensive range offered by MECI provides solutions in terms of expertise, engineering, project management and commissioning.

A comprehensive service
MECI is certified for the manufacturing, commissioning, verification and repair of custody transfer metering units. MECI provides users of metering systems for liquids other than water with assistance in ensuring that their installation complies with regulations. Our project engineer manages your entire project from order to its acceptance on site.

Upgrading your installations
Our project manager supervises every step involved in the upgrading of you installations: site audit, invitations to tender, electrical and mechanical modifications, choice of metering technology, analysis of existing facilities and the design of solutions, a study of the solution under consideration in the light of current regulations.

Maintaining your installations
The MECI client service department provides the user with a series of services designed to optimize the operation of his installation: hotline assistance, repair personnel covered by Quality Assurance, maintenance contracts and annual preventive maintenance and regular inspection schedules.

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