Meci designs and supplies metering, automation and monitoring system solutions

Meci designs and supplies metering, automation and monitoring solutions for the oil and gas industry

Using its expertise and contacts with other professionals on the market, Meci masters and deploys turnkey solutions integrating all the elements of a modern metering system.
This expertise extends from the site to the control room by integrating complete metering, analysis, automated control and monitoring systems at each stage of oil and gas transfer.
Meci takes charge of your projects from design through construction up to the commissioning of complete installations certified for custody transfer.

Production and transportation of oil and gas products

With its 50 years’ experience Meci can offer complete metering stations with the associated calibration systems:

  • for onshore, offshore, FPSO worksites,
  • for methane terminals,
  • for pipelines transporting liquid hydrocarbons and gas at border crossings

Refineries, Underground gas storage

Meci supplies liquid and gas metering stations with the basic elements most appropriate to your applications for both refineries and underground storage facilities.
Renovation and optimisation of your existing metering systems enable you to extend the service life of your installations.

Transportation and distribution of natural gas and LPG

Meci masters all the technical constraints associated with LPG metering stations.
Many Meci flow computers and Remote Telemetry Units (RTU) are fitted on transport and supply pressure reduction stations.

Industrial companies

Meci produces complete metering systems: for natural gas and producer gas supply units and for production and electricity generating stations.

Remote operation and Monitoring

Meci uses its SATELIS system to develop automated control and monitoring systems for metering stations, oil terminals and depots. Thanks to its innovative products (wireless and GPRS systems etc.) Meci can provide your gas metering stations with remote management and remote maintenance solutions.