CDV 15-4 Flow computer for differential pressure system

For natural and industrial gases

The CDV15-4 is a field flow computer dedicated to gas flow metering by differential pressure measurement with embedded differential pressure sensor. It is ATEX approved and can measure natural gas and industrial gases. Used with a chromatograph or calorimeter it can also provide an energy metering function. The CDV15-4 operates in standalone mode. It can be used for monitoring and safeguarding metering stations during production, transport, cross-border metering and natural gas storage facilities.



Sectors of application: 
Autonomous back-up metering at major international stations
Natural gas delivery station
Industrial process metering
Power plant input metering
Key points: 
ATEX approved equipment for installation in the measuring area
Standalone electric supply
Powered by solar panel with battery system and charger
Data acquisition optimisation with automatic management of return to stand-by mode