CDV15 Gas volume converter

CDV15 Gas volume converter
A comptact field mounted flow computer

CDV15 operates in standalone mode, thanks to its low-energy consumption. Energy can be supplied by built-in batteries or external solar panels.
CDV15 also provides energy metering data with the management of a chromatograph or a calorimeter.

Sectors of application: 
Transport-distribution interface delivery station
Transport or distribution industrial delivery station
Electricity generation station
Key points: 
All metering applications: "light", "base" and "high" versions, varied application references
Easy commissioning: easy installation, all-terrain installation
Standalone operation: battery-powered, optimised energy management
Extended data logging and communication functions
Main technical data: 
Meter: volumetric, ultrasonic, turbine meters and differential pressure system
Gas quality: chromatograph or calorimeter by serial link
Temperature: Pt100 or 4-20mA transmitter
Pressure: dedicated digital sensor or 4-20mA transmitter