LOG15 Site Data logger

Enregistreur de données de site LOG15
The LOG15 is entirely standalone

The LOG15 is a site data logger for use in ATEX areas and intended for the metering of all types of gas. It works in autonomous mode thanks to low consumption powered by battery or solar panel. With its modular design the LOG15 is adapted to all market requirements in the field of data acquisition and recording in oil and gas stations.

Sectors of application: 
Gas transport and distribution networks
Monitoring and pressure control for delivery stations
Back-up metering at international stations
Industrial process control
Key points: 
Easy installation on site in hazardous areas
Totally autonomous operational mode
Easy operation for local or remote use
Extended recording and communication functions
High recording capacity: 5 000 000 data items
Main technical data: 
Operating Temperature :-40 °C to +70 °C
Relative Humidity <= 98% non condensing