DIR16 Large display unit

DIR 16 is a large display unit for indication in ATEX zone. It is designed for installation requiring a large display unit in ATEX zone.
The DIR 16 provides to the operator a display of continuous and real-time figures indicated. The indication is communicated to the DIR 16 through a digital link or a pulse input.
Particularly with its configurable pulses input, the DIR 16 can totalise and display any amount proportional to the number of pulses received.
The DIR 16 can be connected directly to the flowmeter or to the flow computer of a metering system to display the volume loaded during the loading.


Sectors of application: 
Tanker truck and rail car loading and offloading
Loading and unloading ships
Instantaneous flow display
Key points: 
Total volume displayed in real time with a six digits technology
Direct connection to flowcomputer without the need for any configuration software
Flame proof housing for installation in explosive area and for a maximum ruggedness