DTV16 densitometer

Densitometer DTV16
Small but robust and reliable

The DTV16 is a vibrating tube densitometer for volume measurement, approved for custody transfer. Intended for use in the equipment of units for measuring liquids other than water, the DTV16 is an efficient solution that meets the strictest requirements in force in the oil and petrochemicals industries.

Sectors of application: 
Truck and rail truck loading stations
Identification of products on multi-product pipelines
Control of product quality during manufacturing process
Aircraft refuelling with indirect volume measurement
Key points: 
Approved for fuels, biofuels, alcohol and other white products
Approved for low volume mass fluids (LPG, propane, butane, propylene …)
Volume mass measurement precision less than 0.1 kg/m3
Main technical data: 
Liquids measured: Fuels, biofuels, liquefied gases including LPG, industrial and chemical liquids
Pressure: 0 to 125 bar rel.
Viscosity: Less than 250 mm²/s (maximum certified for custody transfer)
Output: 500l/h maximum
Weight: approx. 3400g
Density metering system DES16
Density metering system DES16