Our ready-to-use CVM16 calorimeter systems

CVM16 Cabinet Gas calorimeter

Thanks to its integration capabilities, MECI proposes its various ready-to-use CVM16 systems providing you with an installation perfectly adapted to your industrial requirements.

The CVM16 gas calorimeter is used to measure the calorific or Wobbe index value of a gas. The CVM 16 is a compact, high-precision appliance that complies with International legal metrology recommendations.

MECI proposes two CVM16 systems either in cabinet or on a sampling probe.

The CVM16 Sampling Probe version
This version allows you to install our CVM16 system as close as possible to a measuring point. It is easy to set up and no special infrastructure is required. Depending on the size of the installation pipes, several types of probe are available such as GPR and different 4 ", 7" or 9 " lengths.

The three-way valve allows the selection of the sample gas either from the sampling probe or from the calibration cylinder. The sampling probe is fitted with built-in pressure relief and the necessary filters and protections.

Our package is especially adapted to industrial sites.

The CVM16 cabinet version
This version allows the combination of  two ready-to-use CVM16s, and includes all necessary protection such as filters and valves. The "glass door” option allows you to view the data without opening the cabinet. The electric connections are set up using a pre-wired junction box. The pneumatic connections are made using 1/8 OD couplings available on the side of the cabinet.

This easy to use and easy to install product bundle meets and takes into account site requirements.

Whatever your industrial application, from the simplest to the most complex, we will provide the most suitable and efficient system for your needs.

CVM16 sampling probe version