PES15R site energy metering system

A ready-to-use compact system

The PES15R is an energy metering system for use with natural gas, biogas and biomethan...
Measurement of the 11 major components in natural gas by integrated chromatograph.
Energy metering taking account of variations in gas quality. It is used in commercial custody transfer metering.

MECI is introducing a new version, the PES15R, with important updates and a more advantageous price. These updates are the result of field experience and feedback.


Sectors of application: 
Analyse and upstream metering, international cross-boarder metering stations, large interconnetion pipelines, underground storages, methane terminals
Analyse and process for industrial users
Key points: 
Analysis metering system with 4 streams
A ready-made compact unit for hazardous hydrogen area
Compact energy metering system on site
Possibility of integrating other equipment
Number of connection cables reduced
Simple to start-up, operation and easy to maintain
Extended data logging and communication functions
Main technical data: 
Meter inputs: volumetric meter, orifice plate, mass flow meter, ultrasonic meter, turbine meter
Gas quality according to ISO 6976, GPA 2145-09, 2172, 2261
Base volume/energy calculation: volume and energy calculation according to the gas quality, high accuracy of inputs: error curve correction for turbine and ultrasonic flow meter
Standards: calculated according to ISO5167, AGA3, AGA8, AGA9, GERG 88, NX 19…