SM@RT U Global telemetry solution

SM@RT U Global telemetry solution
A global stand alone remote solution

More than a single remote terminal unit, SM@RT U is a global telemetry solution. The SM@RT U package includes: a field device and a web server application (MyMeci Cloud).
Using MyMeci Cloud, the operator can manage all the SM@RT U, monitor all the plants and collect all the data recorded on the field. With an ultra low energy management, the SM@RT U with its very long life battery allow a permanent site accessibility.
A smartphone or tablet application offers to the operator a very easy data exploitation on site through a wireless communication. The SM@RT U display completes the user interface.

The operating Cloud: MyMECI Cloud
MyMECI Cloud is the web solution to facilitate the management of your SM@RT U and SM@RT LOGGER products’. This web portal, integrating the "SM@RT Suite" application, allows the use of a web browser to manage all your facilities.
It guaranties constant and secure availability of your installation. MyMECI Cloud allows you to have your data stored safely and confidentially.
It also marks the end of investments in costly IT infrastructure that is difficult to implement and maintain.
Wether you are operators or administrators, your server-level access rights allow you to configure, edit and view, but also to centralize all your remote metering and remote terminal unit data as well as the event logs for your installations.
User-friendly human-machine interfaces allow to view data in the form of graphs and dynamic spreadsheets accompanied by an intuitive configurator making MyMECI Cloud a modern and forward looking operating system .



Sectors of application: 
Transport-distribution interface delivery station
Transport or distribution industrial delivery station
Regulator station at the distribution and transport
Key points: 
Global telemetry solution with ultra low power design
Evolutive and secured wireless solution
MyMeci Cloud: a friendly and opened web application
Easy and quick commissioning
Main technical data: 
A GSM,GPRS internal modem
A Bluetooth 4.0 low energy link
Temperature: Pt100
Pressure: dedicated digital sensor