Leader on the metering market, Meci designs and manufactures flow computers for standard and specific applications. Meci also supplies the associated configuration, maintenance and operating software.
Expert in custody and fiscal tranfer for gas and liquid metering, Meci ensure also the Sampling system, Analysis system and Energy metering system.
The fluid metered are as follow : Natural gas, Industrial gas, Crude oil, LPG, Condensates, Refined products, Fuels, Non corrosive chemical products and Bio fuels.

SM@RT FLOW Gas volume Converter Connected and ATEX

SM@RT FLOW Gas volume Converter Connected and ATEX

The SM@RT FLOW is a connected volume converter for custody transfer metering of all types of gas for the use in hazardous area
and isolated site.
The SM@RT FLOW can be equipped with its internal modem and integrated in an instrumented box with manifold.

An exceptional autonomy : Thanks to its «ultra-low power» concept,the SM@RT FLOW allows exceptional use for more than 10 years.

SM@RT U Global telemetry solution

SM@RT U Global telemetry solution

More than a single remote terminal unit, SM@RT U is a global telemetry solution. The SM@RT U package includes: a field device and a web server application (MyMeci Cloud).
Using MyMeci Cloud, the operator can manage all the SM@RT U, monitor all the plants and collect all the data recorded on the field. With an ultra low energy management, the SM@RT U with its very long life battery allow a permanent site accessibility.

SM@RT LOGGER Connected stand alone data logger

SM@RT LOGGER : Data logger autonome connecté

The SM@RT LOGGER is a data recorder or data logger that records and sends your data to a server in your computer network or to MyMECICloud, the web server provided by MECI.
More than a mechanical recorder, the SM@RT LOGGER provides redundant local and remote, high-performance recording.
The local record is available via your "smartphone" or "tablet". It gives the operator a simple and easy operation through a Low Energy Bluetooth 4.0 wireless communication.

CVM16 Gas Calorimeter

CVM16 Gas Calorimeter

The CVM16 gas calorimeter measures the thermal conductivity of a gas mixture at different temperatures and calculates the calorific value of the gas based on its thermal conductivity. The CVM400 is a compact, lightweight, and high-precision gas calorimeter that complies with international legal metrology standards. It is approved for custody transfer measurement of gases according to OIML R140.

Discover the New ready-to-use-CVM16 systems


Our ready-to-use CVM16 calorimeter systems

CVM16 Cabinet Gas calorimeter

Thanks to its integration capabilities, MECI proposes its various ready-to-use CVM16 systems providing you with an installation perfectly adapted to your industrial requirements.

The CVM16 gas calorimeter is used to measure the calorific or Wobbe index value of a gas. The CVM 16 is a compact, high-precision appliance that complies with International legal metrology recommendations.

MECI proposes two CVM16 systems either in cabinet or on a sampling probe.

CDN16 Flow computer for liquids and gases

Operate your gas and liquid metering with your smartphone.
The CDN16 gas and liquid computer has an embedded web system. It offers you the ability to configure and operate your remote installations using your web browser on your PCs, your tablets, and your Smartphones.
The CDN 16 is designed for reliability in high-end gas and liquid applications, and includes all relevant API, AGA, ISO, IP and many other standards. It can be applied to a wide range of products including crude oil, refined products, biofuels and liquefied gas.

CDV 15-4 Flow computer for differential pressure system

The CDV15-4 is a field flow computer dedicated to gas flow metering by differential pressure measurement with embedded differential pressure sensor. It is ATEX approved and can measure natural gas and industrial gases. Used with a chromatograph or calorimeter it can also provide an energy metering function. The CDV15-4 operates in standalone mode. It can be used for monitoring and safeguarding metering stations during production, transport, cross-border metering and natural gas storage facilities.



PES15R site energy metering system

The PES15R is an energy metering system for use with natural gas, biogas and biomethan...
Measurement of the 11 major components in natural gas by integrated chromatograph.
Energy metering taking account of variations in gas quality. It is used in commercial custody transfer metering.

MECI is introducing a new version, the PES15R, with important updates and a more advantageous price. These updates are the result of field experience and feedback.


HGC303 Gas Chromatograph

Gas Chromatograph HGC303

The HGC303 is a compact gas chromatograph approved for custody transfer. It is capable of analysing the 11 major components contained in natural gas, biogas or industrial gas.
It continuously calculates derived parameters such as calorific value, Wobbe index and density...
Due to the HGC303 ability to be field-mountable without sacrificing accuracy or reliability, gas analysis can be carried out near the sample point, greatly reducing the costs involved with shelters, air conditioning and heating of premises, and long sample lines.

DTV16 densitometer

Densitometer DTV16

The DTV16 is a vibrating tube densitometer for volume measurement, approved for custody transfer. Intended for use in the equipment of units for measuring liquids other than water, the DTV16 is an efficient solution that meets the strictest requirements in force in the oil and petrochemicals industries.

LOG15 Site Data logger

Enregistreur de données de site LOG15

The LOG15 is a site data logger for use in ATEX areas and intended for the metering of all types of gas. It works in autonomous mode thanks to low consumption powered by battery or solar panel. With its modular design the LOG15 is adapted to all market requirements in the field of data acquisition and recording in oil and gas stations.

DIR16 Large display unit

DIR 16 is a large display unit for indication in ATEX zone. It is designed for installation requiring a large display unit in ATEX zone.
The DIR 16 provides to the operator a display of continuous and real-time figures indicated. The indication is communicated to the DIR 16 through a digital link or a pulse input.