Remote terminal unit

SM@RT LOGGER Connected stand alone data logger

SM@RT LOGGER : Data logger autonome connecté

The SM@RT LOGGER is a data recorder or data logger that records and sends your data to a server in your computer network or to MyMECICloud, the web server provided by MECI.
More than a mechanical recorder, the SM@RT LOGGER provides redundant local and remote, high-performance recording.
The local record is available via your "smartphone" or "tablet". It gives the operator a simple and easy operation through a Low Energy Bluetooth 4.0 wireless communication.

SM@RT U Global telemetry solution

SM@RT U Global telemetry solution

More than a single remote terminal unit, SM@RT U is a global telemetry solution. The SM@RT U package includes: a field device and a web server application (MyMeci Cloud).
Using MyMeci Cloud, the operator can manage all the SM@RT U, monitor all the plants and collect all the data recorded on the field. With an ultra low energy management, the SM@RT U with its very long life battery allow a permanent site accessibility.