LPG custody transfer metering system in Tunisia

Société Nationale de distribution de Pétrole
Final user: 
Société Nationale de distribution de Pétrole
Tunisia at Gabés

Entrepose Contracting has selected Meci for the design and the manufacturing of five metering systems and one proving system for the storage facility of LPGs at Gabés in Tunisia.
The goal of our customer, the Société Nationale de Distribution de Pétrole (SNDP), is the measurement of the incoming and outgoing flow rates of the LPG products (Butan, Propan, Butapro) for the loading and unloading of ships and for the transfers by pipeline.
Meci has realized five metering systems on skid-mounted for the measurement of LPG which are associated with a mobile prover constituted of a master meter. One metering cabinet is entirely equipped with flow computers MECI CDN12 and CDN16 allows to manage the metering and the calibration of the meters. 
Somes figures as follow :
Measured products: LPGs
Pressure: 43 barg
Temperature: 0-52° C
Flow rate: 366 m3/h