Natural gas metering for the thermal power station

The  National Company of Hydrocarbures (SNH) of Cameroun has realized the construction of the Gazoduc to supply with natural gas the thermal power station in tne area of KRIBI. The construction of the gas pipeline is located in the South area of Cameroun.
The starting point of the gazoduc is located in the  gas processing facility at BIPAGA and the delivery point is located in the  MPOLONGWE.                               

MECI has designed and realized the metering system installed at the delivery point of the gazoduc and has ensured the commissioning of the installation. The metering system is composed with two metering runs with orifice plate associated to the multi lines flow computer CDN16.
The flow computer is composed with three modules. Two modules are dedicated to each metering lines ensure the acquisition of the signal of pressure , temperature and absolute pressure. One module is dedicated to the station collects the quality of gas from a gas chromatograph and from an analyser of dew point and hydrocarbons.
The CDN16 modules are linked with Ethernet link that allowed to each module the entires data collected from the Switch. The customer SNH has the benefit of the datas by modbus/TCP and has the entire mastery of the metering system.