Quality at the heart of the company

The Meci quality policy guarantees long-term commitment to its clients.
Meci expertise covers the engineering, manufacturing, installation and diagnostic of metering systems including in hazardous areas.
Every one of these phases is rigorously tracked in terms of quality and metrology.
Safety, Health, and Respect for the Environment strengthen its ethical and client commitments.
Meci works effectively in synergy with partner and supplier networks incorporated into its quality policy.

A comprehensive Quality Management system

The quality department guarantees that constructions and equipment comply with contractual demands and with international standards currently in force.

ISO 9001-2008 N° LNE- 11766 certificate, Issoudun site


Metrological periodical control of measuring instruments

(see certificate for the scope)


Measuring systems for measurement of liquids other than water

Gas volume conversion devices

Atex quality assurance system

Activities : Design, manufacturing, sales of products and solutions.
Commissioning, maintenance and verification of oil and gas measuring systems.